Cornmeal Pizza Crust / Vegan Recipe

This pizza dough can be made the night before and then formed into rounds just before the party. Set out a variety of toppings, and let guests assemble their own pizzas. This recipe can be easily multiplied.

Some Toppings Suggestions:- Roasted tomatoes , Thinly sliced baby artichokes , Eggplant . Pureed butternut squash, caramelized red onions and toasted pumpkin seeds make for an unexpected but perfectly delicious toppings.

How To Make Cornmeal Vegan Pizza Crust
Preparation Time:- 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Cooking Time:- 7-10 Minutes
Makes:- 4 seven-inch pizzas
Recipe Source:- Martha Stewrat


Active dry yeast:- 2 Tsp
Pinch of sugar
Warm water:- 2/3 Cups
All-purpose flour:- 1 2/3 Cups , plus more for work surface
Cornmeal:- 1/4 cup , plus more for pizza peel or baking sheet
Coarse salt:- 1 1/2 Tsp
Extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for bowl:- 2 Tbsp


1) In a small bowl, sprinkle the yeast and sugar over the warm water. Let stand until yeast is dissolved and mixture is foamy, about 10 minutes.

2) Combine flour, cornmeal, and salt in a large bowl. Make a well in the center, and add the yeast mixture and oil. Slowly stir ingredients with a wooden spoon just until dough starts to come together. Turn out dough on a lightly floured work surface, and knead until smooth and elastic, 7 to 10 minutes.

3) Divide dough into four 4-ounce balls. Place balls in a shallow oiled bowl, turning to coat with oil; cover with plastic wrap, and let rise 1 hour at room temperature or overnight in the refrigerator.

4) Preheat oven to 500 degrees with a pizza stone on lowest rack. Stretch dough into 6- or 7-inch rounds. Sprinkle cornmeal on a pizza peel or inverted baking sheet. Place dough rounds on top, and cover with toppings, as desired.

6)Slide rounds onto pizza stone, and bake until crust is crisp and golden and toppings are bubbling, 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from oven.

Serve immediately...Enjoy:)


More Vegan Recipes & Pizza Recipes

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5 Best Vegetarian Burger/Patty/Tikki Recipes

Black Bean & Rice Burger / Patty ( Rajma Ki Tikki ) / Vegan :- This VEGAN / VEGETARIAN Burger makes a terrific breakfast when topped with scrambled tofu, slices of avocado and couple shakes of hot sauce Or Stuff it inside pita bread with salsa and squeeze of lime.

Eggless Chickpea Burger / Patty ( Chole ki Tikki ) (Step By Step Pictures):- These chickpea patties are nice meat-free twist on the classic burger. They're low fat, high fiber, protein packed and taste delicious. If you don't want patties to fall apart, you absolutely need to make a rough chop while processing( There are some more tips at the end of the post).Use canned chickpeas for no-fuss preparation.If you like falafel, you will love these tasty little patties. They have tons of crunch and flavor, but they’re not deep-fried. You can eat them straight from the pan or make them ahead of time to store in the refrigerator or freeze.

Kale Chane Ki Tikki / Black Chickpeas Patties:- These patties are super delicious and are really nice meatless alternative for vegetarians.

Cheese Potato & Tapioca Patty/ Aloo Cheese Or Sabudana Tikki:- Tikkis are popular north indian street food which makes a great snack , appetizer or side dish. This recipe makes a great crispy outer crust and tender inside. You can add onions,cilantro or other finely chopped or grated veggies as per your taste.

Cheese & Broccoli Tikkis/Patty/Burger:-I love anything in which i can sneak in the veggies..These tikki ( patties ) is much healthier than the normal potato ones and good for kids too as they will never eat broccoli by itself so its best to present them in this tempting and yummy form of tikkis..If preparing for kids you can avoid adding green chillies. Serve them hot or at room temperature with your favorite tomato sauce..Enjoy these anytime , filling and healthy at the same time..



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Okra & Potato Stir Fry / Aloo Bhindi Ki Sabzi ( Vegan Recipe)

This is really simple Okra and potato dish that you can make just under 15 minutes..I don't like to add tomatoes in this dish as it makes both potato and okra very mushy..Do check out my post on great tips on How To Make Perfect Slime Free Okra

Okra & Potato Stir Fry / Aloo Bhindi Ki Sabzi ( Vegan Recipe)
Preparation Time:- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time:- 15 Minutes
Serves:- 4-6


Oil:- 3 Tbsp
Cumin seeds:- 1 Tsp
Mustard Seeds:- 1 Tsp
Potato( Peeled & Cut into small pieces ):- 2
Bhindi/Okra:- 3 Cups( Cut into small pieces
Haldi/Turmeric Powder:- 1 Tsp
Red Chilli powder:- 1/2 Tsp
Garam Masala Powder:- 1 Tsp
Salt as per taste
Dry Mango powder/Aamchoor powder:- 1 Tsp


1) Heat the oil in a non stick pan on a medium heat.When hot add cumin & mustard seeds.

2) When the seeds start to crackle, Add potato and fry for couple of minutes.

3) Add okra, turmeric, red chilli powder and garam masala and mix everything well. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

4) Add dry mango powder and mix everything. Let it cook uncovered util done.( stirring in between )

Serve hot with Chapati/ Indian Bread...Enjoy:)



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Most Fluffiest Vegan Oatmeal Pancakes Ever ( Step By Step Pictures )

Yes, it's true, you can make perfectly good pancakes without eggs or even milk! This vegan pancake recipe uses soy milk as a substitute and the result is perfect light and fluffy pancakes.

Tip: Maple syrup is not friendly on the hips, so pour a couple of tablespoons on your plate as a "dip" instead of pouring a half of a cup over your pancakes. You will be surprised by how much less syrup you consumed.

Recipe Source:- eatingsmartwithtracy
Preparation Time:- 10-15 minutes
Cook Time:- 7-8 minutes
Makes :- 6-8 pancakes. Two pancakes is 1 serving (196 cal.)


Soymilk:- 3/4 Cup
Apple cider vinegar:- 2 Tsp
Organic pure maple syrup (plus more for dip):- 1 Tbsp
Oil:- 2 Tsp
Steel cut oats (I used original Quaker oats):- 1/2 cup
Whole wheat flour :- 1/2 Cup
Baking soda:- 1 Tsp
Baking powder:- 1 Tsp
Salt:- 1/4 Tsp


1) Combine soymilk, vinegar, maple syrup, and oil in a small bowl.

2) Add oats and let soak 10 minutes.

3) Stir together flour, baking soda, baking powder, and salt in a separate mixing bowl.

4) Stir soymilk mixture into flour mixture. ( i added 1/4 cup extra soy milk at this point as the batter became very thick)

5) Preheat large skillet or griddle over medium-high heat and lightly coat with oil.

6) Ladle 1/4 cup of batter for each pancake. Cook 2-3 minutes on each side.

Serve hot..Enjoy:)



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Delicious Vegan Breakfast Recipes For Whole Week

Hearty and wholesome VEGAN breakfast recipes to get you started for the day. Pair it with fresh fruits or smoothies to make a wholesome meal. And always choose fresh organic, non-GMO ingredients

Vegan French Toast / Eggless French Toast 

French toast without EGGS , sounds crazy Right? This easy vegan French toast recipe uses bananas instead of eggs, giving it a sweet flavor & they are way better then french toast with eggs. Very moist and tasty. You will be pleasantly surprised at how yummy these are and will surely be glad to put French toast back onto your breakfast menu!:)

Vegan Pancakes / Eggless Pancakes 

Seriously, who needs eggs anymore at all with recipes like these? This easy peasy super light & fluffy pancake will be ready in just 5 minutes and no one can tell that these are VEGAN. The batter will be thick and you have to spread it around the pan a bit.

Oats & Lentil Vegan Crepes / Adai / Chilla 

As we all know Oats and lentil are super nutritious & healthy . This recipe combines the two tasty combination to make a great breakfast.

Eggless Vegan Omelette

These Eggless Omelette are surprisingly easy and quick to make.This is a very popular breakfast item, made with oat,whole wheat & chickpea flour instead of eggs.They can be served as it is or stuffed with any stir fried veggies of your choice. This recipe makes 2 medium size omelette and i promise after having this for your breakfast you won't be hungry until your lunch time.

Vegan Black Bean No Cheese Quesadillas 

If you are skeptical about trying Quesadilla without cheese then you will be glad that you did.These quesadillas are packed with nutrition, minus the fat of all that cheese.

Pasta In Creamy Red Bell Pepper Sauce/ Vegan Recipe 

Pasta tossed with a lightly flavored red bell pepper sauce spiked with herbs and jalapenos

Spring Onion & Gram Flour Toast (Hare Pyaz Aur Besan Ka Toast) 

Besan toast is a great alternative for french toast and it is eggless too so great for healthy vegetarian snack or breakfast.These can be made in jiffy.These are great to make with your leftover bread too.



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No Bake Vegan Cookie Recipe ( Stpe By Step Pictures)

For a sweet ending to your meal, look no further than these no-bake easy, healthy, and wonderful cookies.

No Bake Vegan Cookie Recipe

Preparation Time:-5 Minutes
Cooking Time:-0 Minutes
Makes:- makes 1 cup packed cookie dough ( 2 Servings)
Recipe Source:- sundaymorningbananapancakes

Update:- If you don't like using raw ingredients then you can toast cashews,oats and flour before using.


Unsalted cashews:- 1/2 cup ( I used the pre toasted ones)
Rolled oats:- 1/4 cup
Spelt flour/oat flour/whole wheat/all purpose (any flour will more than likely work):- 1/4 cup
Salt:- A pinch
Natural cane sugar:- 1 1/2 Tbsp
Pure vanilla extract/:- 1/2 Tsp
Pure maple syrup:- 2 Tbsp ( you may need to add a bit more if it is too dry)
Chocolate or Dark chocolate chips:- 1/4 Cup


1) In a food processor add the cashews & oats until fine crumbs start to form.

2) Add the salt, sugar & flour. Process until just combined.

3) Add the maple syrup & vanilla. Process until combined.

4) Add chocolate chips, either stir by hand or whirl in the processor.

5) Form into mini cookies and store in the freezer (if left).



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How To Make Perfect Okra/Bhindi (Slime-Free)

Okras long and elegant pods, also known as lady’s fingers, are high in vitamins A and C.Okra is cultivated as a vegetable and used extensively in Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Indian and Southeast Asian cooking. Okra's long distinct shape and tendency to get slimy or sticky sets it apart from other green vegetables.Certain cooking techniques will prevent your okra dish from being overly slimy.Okra can be cooked in a variety of ways, such as boiled, baked, breaded ,fried, microwaved & sautéed, and is also used in soups and stews. A common complaint when cooking okra is that it becomes too slimy. It is important to remember that you cannot avoid some slime when cooking okra. However, you can reduce the amount of slime by using tips mentioned below.


USE FRESH OKRA:- Use only fresh-picked young pods,The best ones are the ones that get easily snapped when you bend the tail end of the pod . When they are too mature they become fibrous and woody and require lengthy cooking times. That's when they become all slimish. Okra can be stored in the refrigerator in a paper bag up for upto 3 days but for the best flavour use the same day as purchased.

WASH WHEN READY :-Water enhances the sliminess so hold off on washing the okra until you are ready to cook them. After washing make sure to dry them really good..( I use a paper / kitchen towel to wipe and dry each okra before cutting).If your okra was refrigerated, bring it to room temperature first and pat it dry before slicing or cooking the okra.

LET IT DRY BEFORE COOKING:-Cut okra into rounds, diagonally or long slices. Once cut, put into the sun for at least 30 mins to dry and remove some excess moisture. Alternately, spread them on kitchen towel in single layer and leave it for few hours on your counter top at room temperature.It is a must that the okras are dried properly to reduce sliminess.If you are serving the okra whole as a side dish, and don't want the liquid to be released during the cooking, trim around the stalks in a cone shape, so that the pod isn't pierced. While chopping them; make sure that you have dry chopping board and knife. Keep dry kitchen paper next to you and clean the slime from knife using it whenever needed.

COOK LOW AND SLOW:- This i learned from my mom to cook okra on low heat without stirring too much. When sauteing okra, be sure that it is spread out in an even layer in the pan ( i always like to use non stick pan). If the pan is over crowded, the okra will begin to sweat and release moisture (slime).NEVER NEVER cover the pan while the okra is cooking. Covering the pot will cause steam and unwanted moisture.

ADD SALT LAST:-Add salt to okra only when it is just finished cooking. To add the salt, let the okra cook completely, remove it from the heat and then sprinkle salt to taste and toss quickly. If you add the salt at the beginning of the cooking process or during, it can result in a release of moisture (slime).




1)Soaking the okra in vinegar before cooking may help reduce the sliminess of the cooked vegetable.Rinse the okra with fresh water and pat the pods dry after the vinegar soak. Prepare and cook the okra as directed in the recipe. (soak them in water with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar for at least 15 minutes). ( I have yet to try this one).

2)Reduce the amount of slime by adding a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice or Dried mango powder or soy yogurt to okra while cooking. 

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7 Delicious Vegan Desserts In Less Than 5 Minutes

Craving dessert, but don't have a lot of time, here are some ideas for fabulous desserts that can be made in approximately 5 minutes using readily available ingredients from your own pantry.

Raw Coconut Date Vegan Energy Bars

Healthy Vegan Mini Snack Balls / No Bake Dessert 

No Bake Chocolate Nut Balls

Vegan Mug Brownie 

Eggless Vanilla Mug Cake 

One Minute Eggless Chocolate Mug Cake

Vegan Chocolate Mousse ( Only 2 Ingredient ) 



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Indian Bottle Gourd Bread / Lauki Ka Paratha / Vegan

If your kids refuses to eat bottle gourd/ lauki ( like mine), then serve these parathas for their next breakfast and i promise they will never know what they ate in those delicious paratha..

Indian Bottle Gourd Bread / Lauki Ka Paratha / Vegan

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes
Cooking Time:- 15-20 minutes
Serves:- 4-6


Whole Wheat Flour:- 1 1/2 Cups
Gram Flour / Chickpea Flour / Besan:- 1/2 Cup
Bottle gourd/ Lauki:- 1/2 lb , grated
Carom seeds/ Ajwain:- 1/2 Tsp
Cilantro leaves:- 2 Tbsp, chopped
Red Chilli powder:- 1/2 Tsp
Turmeric Powder / Haldi:- 1/4 Tsp

Oil for cooking


1) Sieve the whole wheat flour and gram flour with salt.

2) Add grated bottle gourd, carom seeds, cilantro leaves, red chilli powder, and turmeric powder.

3) Knead to make a dough, add water if needed. Keep aside covered for 5 minutes.

4) Divide the dough into balls. Dust and roll each ball slightly with a rolling pin, apply 1/4 tsp oil and fold into a triangle.(or any shape you like)

5) Dust and roll again to a 4" triangle.

6) Shallow-dry each paratha on a heated griddle/tawa with 1 tbasp of oil until light golden brown.

Serve hot with pickle ...Enjoy:)

Notes:- If you have any leftover dough then just wrap it in plastic food wrap and refrigerate for upto 2 days



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to make your life easier

  Measure. Convert. Cook.

What does it mean?

 tsp Or teaspoon
  tbsp Or Tablespoon
g                            gr Or gram                 
kg kilogram

Making Half a Recipe

When recipe calls for
1/4 Cup
 2 Tablespoons                             
1/3 Cup                 
 2 Tablespoons & 2 Teaspoons
1/2 Cup 
1/4 Cup
2/3 Cup                       
1/3 Cup
3/4 Cup
6 Tablespoons
1 Tablespoons
1 1/2 Teaspoons
1 Teaspoon
1/2 Teaspoon
1/2 Teaspoon                 
1//4 Teaspoon

Pan Size Equivalents 

9 X 13-inches Baking Dish22-by-33-centimeter baking dish.
8 X 8-inches Baking Dish20-by-20-centimeter baking dish
9 X 5-inches Loaf Pan23-by-12-centimeter loaf pan (=8 cups Or 2 liters in Capacity)
10-inch Tart or Cake Pan25-centimeter- tart or cake pan
9- inch Cake Pan22-centimeter-cake pan

Volume Measurements:

Volume MeasurementMetric equivalent
1 teaspoon5 ml.
1 tablespoon               1/2 fluid oz.                        15 ml.
1/8 cup                       1 fl.oz. 30 ml.
1/4 cup                       2 fl. oz.60ml.
1/3 cup80 ml.
1/2 cup                       4 fl. oz120 ml.
2/3 cup160 ml.
3/4 cup                       6 fl. oz.180 ml.
1 cup                          8 fl. oz. / 1/2 pint240 ml.
1 1/2 cups                   12 fl. oz.350 ml.
2 cups                         16 fl. oz./1 pint 475 ml.
3 cups                         1 1/2 pints700 ml.
4 cups                         2 pints / 1 quart950 ml.
4 quarts                       1 gallon3.8 litres

Temperature to Celsius and/or Fahrenheit:

Fahrenheit                   Celsius                   Gas Mark                    Description
225                               110                         1/4                            Very slow
250                               120/130                  1/2                             Very slow
275                               140                          1                              Slow
300                               150                          2                              Slow
325                               160/170                    3                              Moderate
350                               180                          4                              Moderate
375                               190                          5                              Moderately hot
400                               200                          6                              Moderately hot
425                               220                          7                              Hot
450                               230                          8                              Hot
475                               240                          9                              Very hot

Measure Equivalents 

1 tablespoon (tbsp) =3 teaspoons (tsp)
1/16 cup (c) =1 tablespoon
1/8 cup =
2 tablespoons
1/6 cup =
2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons
1/4 cup =
4 tablespoons
1/3 cup =
5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon
3/8 cup =
6 tablespoons
1/2 cup =
8 tablespoons
2/3 cup =
10 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons
3/4 cup =
12 tablespoons
1 cup =
48 teaspoons
1 cup=
16 tablespoons
8 fluid ounces (fl oz) =
1 cup
1 pint (pt) =
2 cups
1 quart (qt) =
2 pints
4 cups =
1 quart
1 gallon (gal) =
4 quarts
16 ounces (oz) =  1 pound (lb)  
1 milliliter (ml) =1 cubic centimeter (cc)
1 inch (in) =
2.54 centimeters (cm)

Other Terms


Generally considered to be less than 1/8 teaspoon.                     

Firmly Packed

With a spatula, a spoon or your hand, tightly press the ingredient into the measuring cup. You should measure as much of the ingredient as you can fit into the measure.

Lightly Packed

Press the ingredient into the measuring cup lightly. Make sure there are no air pockets, but do not compress it too much either.

Even/         Level

Measure the amount precisely, discarding the entire ingredient that rises above the rim of the measuring cup. The back of a straight knife works well for this.


Do not flatten out the ingredient to the top of the measuring cup. Instead allow it to pile up above the rim naturally, into a soft, rounded shape.

Heaping / Heaped

 Pile as much of the ingredient on top of the measure as it can hold.


Sift with a strainer or sifter before measuring to ensure ingredient is not compacted and there is no other foreign substance in it.

Healthy Substitutes 

When recipe calls forUse 
Whole Milk 
(1 Cup)
1 cup of skim milk or non fat milk 
plus 1 Tbsp of unsaturated oil                            
Heavy Cream
(1 Cup)    
1 cup evaporated skim milk or
sour cream or 1/2 cup low- fat yogurt plus
1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese or 
part skim milk ricotta cheese (thin with low-fat yogurt
or low-fat buttermilk,if desired) or 1 can chilled evaporated
skim milk whipped with 1 Tsp of lemon juice
, or low- fat buttermilk or low-fat yogurt.
Cream Cheese 4 Tbsp polyunsaturated margarine blended 
with 1 cup dry low fat cottage cheese ( add a small amount of
skim milk if needed to blend the mixture)
Butter( 1 Tbsp)     1 Tbsp polyunsaturated margarine or 
 1 Tbsp polyunsaturated oil
Shortening (1 Cup) 2 sticks of polyunsaturated margarine
Oil ( 1 Cup)1 1/4 cups polyunsaturated margarine
Egg (whole) 1 egg white plus 2 tsp of unsaturated oil or
 commercial cholesterol-free egg substitute. 
Unsweetened   baking
 3 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder or carob powder 
plus 1 Tbsp(1 ounce) polyunsaturated oil or margarine
(reduce sugar in the recipe by one-quarter)

Common Cooking/Baking Substitutes 

When recipe calls forUse 
Baking Powder 
(1 Tsp) 
 1/2 Tsp cream of tartar plus 1/4 Tsp baking soda                           
Bread crumbs 
( 1 Cup)         
3/4 to 1 Cup cracker crumbs or non sugar cereal crumbs 
Buttermilk or 
Sour Milk ( 1 Cup)

1 cup whole milk plus 1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice or 
white vinegar . Stir , then let mixture set 5-10 minutes.
Cayenne Pepper         
(1/8 Tsp)    
 4 drops hot pepper sauce
for thickening 
(1 Tbsp)
About 2 Tbsp White Flour
Cream Cheese
(1 Cup)
1 cup low-fat cottage cheese blended with 1/4 Cup margarine
Unsweetened Chocolate 
(1 square)
3 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa plus 1 Tbsp shortening
or cooking oil  
( 1 whole large)             
2 egg whites plus 1 tbsp vegetable oil for baking cookies
cakes etc.

Self-rising flour
(1 Cup) 
1 cup of all purpose flour plus 1 tbsp baking powder or  
1 cup all purpose flour plus 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda 
and 2 Tsp cream of tartar                                                                  
Whole milk 
( 1 Cup)
1/2 Cup evaporated milk plus 1/2 cup water or 
1 cup water with 1/2 cup nonfat powdered milk  
(1 Cup)                                     
1 3/4 cups powdered sugar                                                                          

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Mexican Rice Recipe / Vegan ( Step By Step Pictures)

Mexican rice is commonly known as Spanish rice or sopa de arroz in Mexico ..No Mexican meal is complete without a big platter of fluffy seasoned rice. This is the most simple, delicious Mexican rice recipe you will ever make.You don’t need any special ingredients to make Mexican rice at home, so it’s worth to try it out for yourself.

How To Make Mexican Rice

Preparation Time:- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time:- 30-40 minutes
Serves:- 4-6


Long grain white rice:- 1 1/2 Cups
Vegetable oil:- 2 1/2 Tbsp
Tomatoes, seeded and chopped:- 3
Onions, chopped:- 1/2 medium size
Crushed garlic:- 1 Tbsp
Hot Water Or Hot Vegetable broth :- 3 Cups
Peas:- 1/4 Cups
Carrot, chopped:- 1/2 Cup
Cilantro leaves
Lime wedges


1) In a blender blend together tomatoes,onion and garlic until pureed and thoroughly smooth. Set it aside.

2)Place rice in a fine mesh strainer and rinse under cold running water until water runs clear- about 1 1/2 minutes.Shake rice vigorously to remove excess water.This step removes the starch from the rice so it will not stick. IF YOU OMIT THIS STEP YOUR RICE WILL NOT BE DRY AND FLUFFY.

3)Place a large, heavy-bottomed pan over medium-high heat, add the oil and heat to a sizzle. (Drop a few rice grains in and if they sizzle then it is ready.)

4)Add the rice, stir to coat with the oil. Lower the heat to medium and cook until each grain is separate and pale golden—Approximately 8–10 minutes. ( I usually set the timer to keep track of time).

5)Increase the heat to medium-high and pour the tomato mixture over the rice. Mix well.

6) Cover, reduce the heat to medium, and cook until all of the tomato mixture is absorbed—Approximately 4–5 minutes.

7) Add the hot broth, peas, carrots, and salt, and Stir it up.

8)Bring to a gentle boil, reduce the heat, cover the pan, and simmer until most of the liquid is absorbed and the rice is cooked. Uncover the pan a few times during cooking to check the liquid. Add more vegetable broth/water if the rice starts to burn and sticks to the bottom of the pan. Do not stir during cooking; it causes the rice to break down and become sticky.

9)Remove the pan from the heat. Let stand, covered, for at least 10 minutes and up to 1 hour before serving. Taste and season with salt and pepper if necessary.

Sprinkle cilantro leaves on top and serve hot with lime wedges....enjoy..:)



Notes:- This is a very basic and simple recipe. If you don’t feel the flavor is what you expect from this type of rice, feel free to mix in any spices you prefer.

1) You can also add finely chopped jalapenos or red bell pepper OR add a pinch of black pepper ,Onion ,garlic powder or red pepper flakes too.It's all up to your taste buds.

2)Serve it with burritos or as a side for your preferred Mexican dish.

3)You may substitute canned tomatoes for fresh & use fresh or frozen vegetables not canned.

4) If you are making rice for enchiladas then replace some of the water for rice with red enchilada sauce (your own proportions). Then make your rice as normal.

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