Kale Chane Ki Tikki / Black Chickpeas Patties

These patties are super delicious and are really nice meatless alternative for vegetarians.

Makes 12 small Patties/Burger


Patty/Burger mix:-

Boiled Black Chickpeas:- 2 Cup
Onion:- 1/3 Cup (Minced)
Ginger:- 2 Tbsp (Minced)
Cilantro leaves:- 2 Tbsp (chopped)
Mint Leaves:- 2 Tbsp (chopped)
Flax seed powder:- 1 Tbsp
Cheese(I used mexican 4 blend cheese):- 1/3 Cup
Bread Crumbs :- 1/8 Cup


Red Chilli Powder:-1 Tsp
Garam Masala Powder:- 1 Tsp
Chaat Masala:- 1-2 Tsp

Approx 4 Tbsp Gram flour mixed in enough water to make a thin paste
Bread crumbs in a plate to coat the patties/burger

Oil to shallow fry


1)Process the boiled chickpeas in the food processor until smooth.Spoon into a medium bowl.

2)Stir in all the ingredients listed below patty/burger mix in the ground chickpea mixture.

3)Add the the spices to the above mixture and mix everything thoroughly.

4)Make about 12 small patties/burger and keep it aside.

5)Heat oil in a non stick pan on a medium to low heat.

6)Take one patty/burger, dip both sides in gram flour paste and then roll it onto the breadcrumbs.

7)Cook the patty/burger from both sides until light brown.

Serve hot with any sauce or dressing.



Hamaree Rasoi said...

Crispy and crunchy looking tikkis. Wonderfully prepared.

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

healthy yummy cutlet!

Priti S said...

Looks so yum and attractive ...nice pics

Priya Suresh said...

Nutritious tikkis, fabulous and delicious.

divya said...

wow! so tempting..

Akila said...

Looks delicious.. I have black chickpeas sleeping in my cupboard... Will try if...
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