5 Best Vegetarian Burger/Patty/Tikki Recipes

Black Bean & Rice Burger / Patty ( Rajma Ki Tikki ) / Vegan :- This VEGAN / VEGETARIAN Burger makes a terrific breakfast when topped with scrambled tofu, slices of avocado and couple shakes of hot sauce Or Stuff it inside pita bread with salsa and squeeze of lime.

Eggless Chickpea Burger / Patty ( Chole ki Tikki ) (Step By Step Pictures):- These chickpea patties are nice meat-free twist on the classic burger. They're low fat, high fiber, protein packed and taste delicious. If you don't want patties to fall apart, you absolutely need to make a rough chop while processing( There are some more tips at the end of the post).Use canned chickpeas for no-fuss preparation.If you like falafel, you will love these tasty little patties. They have tons of crunch and flavor, but they’re not deep-fried. You can eat them straight from the pan or make them ahead of time to store in the refrigerator or freeze.

Kale Chane Ki Tikki / Black Chickpeas Patties:- These patties are super delicious and are really nice meatless alternative for vegetarians.

Cheese Potato & Tapioca Patty/ Aloo Cheese Or Sabudana Tikki:- Tikkis are popular north indian street food which makes a great snack , appetizer or side dish. This recipe makes a great crispy outer crust and tender inside. You can add onions,cilantro or other finely chopped or grated veggies as per your taste.

Cheese & Broccoli Tikkis/Patty/Burger:-I love anything in which i can sneak in the veggies..These tikki ( patties ) is much healthier than the normal potato ones and good for kids too as they will never eat broccoli by itself so its best to present them in this tempting and yummy form of tikkis..If preparing for kids you can avoid adding green chillies. Serve them hot or at room temperature with your favorite tomato sauce..Enjoy these anytime , filling and healthy at the same time..




kitchen queen said...

tempting colourful and delish tikkis.

Joanne T Ferguson said...

G'day Preety, I couldn't decide which of the 5 best is my favorite, true!
Just when I decided, I saw the next photo and the next one too!
All look lovely and wish I could try them all!
Cheers! Joanne

Shanthi said...
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Vegaia said...

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