15 Meatless Chickpea Recipes ( Vegan & Vegetarian Collection)

Chickpeas also known as garbanzo beans or chole or channa have a delicious nutty flavour and creamy texture.They're high in protein, fiber, folate, and zinc.

Chickpeas are hugely popular in Indian vegetarian cooking, and are also ground into a flour, called gram, which is used to make fritters and flat breads.Whether you’re eating chickpeas in a salad, pasta dish or hummus as a snack, chickpeas are a great way to add protein to your diet.Chickpeas seem to make every recipe better!

Here are few of our favorite healthy recipes for a filling and flavorful way to incorporate more chickpeas into your diet..


Chickpeas Cashew & Potato Vegan Stir Fry / Chole Kaju Aur Aloo Ki Sabzi:- A tasty, quick, and easy stir-fry recipe featuring pan-fried chickpeas,potato, cashews alongwith Indian spices.This dish makes a great side dish or main course for any meal or just eat it on its own for lunch/snack .

Chatpate Chole/Chickpeas:-A great dish to serve with rotis. Whenever making chole always boil some extra ,drain all the water and put in ziploc container and store in the refrigerator (lasts atleast for a week).

Channa Masala:-Channa Masala or Chole Masala is a famous Punjabi dish. You can easily find this dish in any Indian restaurant Menu.You can make this with or without gravy , the recipe is with gravy but if you are planning to prepare without gravy then stop after no 9. This dish can be best served with hot pooris, raita and onion( for salad).

Chole Palak / Garbanzo Beans With Spinach:-hole Palak is a nice and healthy combo of protein packed beans and super food spinach and is great alternative for usual channa masla dish

Spiced Chickpeas / Masaledar Chole / Quick Side Dish:-
This simple spiced chickpeas/garbanzo beans can be served as a side dish or add it in your salad or just enjoy as a snack anytime of the day.

Chickpea Poppers With Broccoli / Easy Appetizer Or Snack:-Chickpea poppers are baked chickpeas with Indian spices. I like to add broccoli for the pop of color. Alternatively, you can also steam the broccoli and toss with the chickpeas before serving.These are great for kids lunch boxes or pack some for picnic. Make a batch and set it aside for quick snacks, as a substitute for croutons in a salad or soups. Pop these in your or your kids mouth while watching TV instead of chips or junk food.

Chickpeas Snack For Nibbling:- There is nothing like sitting down for an evening drink with these chickpeas by one's side. Since they come out of can, no hard work is involved. You can use organic canned chickpeas , but any kind will do. If you have access to an Indian grocer , do sprinkle the chickpeas with some chaat masala at the end. It gives them an extra spiciness. But this is not essential. These are best eaten the day are made.

10 Minutes Indian Style Salad:- This Indian style salad is a perfect option for busy days, Salad is always less on calories and a good replacement for junk food. It is ready under 10 minutes if you have all the ingredients in your pantry.
TO MAKE IT VEGAN:- Remove or replace the honey mustard dressing with the dressing of your choice.

No Yeast Chickpea Pizza Crust With Spiced Veggie Toppings:-If you are bored with making/eating the same kind of pizza every time then try this quick no yeast quick chickpea pizza crust for a change .Chickpeas make the crust of this hearty pizza colorful, fragrant and dense. Though the ingredients are many, a lot are pantry staples and the it comes together easily for an impressive entree.
TO MAKE IT VEGAN:- Use Vegan Butter

Eggless Chickpea Burger / Patty ( Chole ki Tikki ):- These chickpea patties are nice meat-free twist on the classic burger. They're low fat, high fiber, protein packed and taste delicious. If you don't want patties to fall apart, you absolutely need to make a rough chop while processing( There are some more tips at the end of the post).Use canned chickpeas for no-fuss preparation.If you like falafel, you will love these tasty little patties. They have tons of crunch and flavor, but they’re not deep-fried. You can eat them straight from the pan or make them ahead of time to store in the refrigerator or freeze.

Indian Style Vegetarian Pasta with Garbanzo Beans:-Pasta is my all time favorite dish so i am always looking for new ways to make. I watched this recipe on a TV show called Jamie Living. I was skeptical about adding garbanzo beans in pasta, but i planned to give it a shot and it turned out amazing. Garbanzo beans add great meaty flavor perfect for vegetarians .

Chickpeas & Tomato Pulao:- Pulao is my all time favorite dish, it is easy to make in many variations. I found this recipe here. I took some leftover chickpeas and gave it a try..it turned out very good.. I made some changes to add my personal touch.It can be served as side dish or with any curry of your choice or wrap in a tortilla.

Chole Paneer / Chickpeas & Indian Cottage Cheese Curry:- Channa/chole is also known as White chick peas or garbanzo beans. Chole Paneer is a famous Punjabi dish.You can make this with or without gravy . This dish can be best served with hot pooris, raita and onion( for salad).
TO MAKE IT VEGAN:- Replace Paneer with Firm or extra firm tofu

Sindhi Channa Recipe:-his is a really different recipe of Channa..The best thing is that you can make it in one pot and it is so easy but yet delicious..Can be served as a snack or side dish. TO MAKE IT VEGAN:- Replace Paneer with Firm or extra firm tofu

Chick Pea Starter ( A Healthy Snack):-hese chick peas are so addictive & is a great crunchy alternative to high-fat snacks, will satisfy anytime cravings. Make sure the chick peas are very dry before you put them in the pan to toast otherwise they will become mushy.Use the leftover toasted chick peas on salads or Pasta.
TO MAKE IT VEGAN:- You can use any other additional options given in the recipe instead of cheese)


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