14 Simple Vegan Rice Recipes

Rice is a staple diet for most of India. It can be cooked to one's own taste. The versatile use of rice can be seen in many different cuisines. In fact it can be used in all forms, as an entree, main or even a desert! These 14 Simple Vegan Rice Recipes are simple, quick and, best of all, delicious!

Black Bean & Spinach Rice / Rajma

Black beans and rice is a common staple among Hispanic culture because it is hearty, nutritious and easy on your budget.This hearty dish not only is high in fiber but also has that magical mix of protein and carbohydrates to keep your energy levels stable.Here is quick and easy recipe for black beans and rice with onion, bell pepper,spinach, garlic, Tabasco, and white rice. White rice is normally used in this common dish, but brown rice is even better.

Colorful Capsicum Vegan Fried Rice / Shimla Mirch Wala Pulao

This is our family favorite recipe and can be made in a jiffy if you have cooked rice ready or have leftover rice from last night's supper. . Capsicum rice gives a tangy flavor and can be eaten along with some raita or chutney.It can also be made for any pot luck parties or special occasions

Mexican Rice Recipe

Mexican rice is commonly known as Spanish rice or sopa de arroz in Mexico ..No Mexican meal is complete without a big platter of fluffy seasoned rice. This is the most simple, delicious Mexican rice recipe you will ever make.You don’t need any special ingredients to make Mexican rice at home, so it’s worth to try it out for yourself.

Mixed Vegetable Lentil Rice / Khichdi / One Pot Meal

Make easy and soul-satisfying food with minimal fuss and quick clean-up. These one-pot meal is perfect for suppers, make-ahead meals or when you just don't feel like spending too much time in the kitchen. Just toss all your ingredients into a single skillet or stockpot and you have no-stress, no-mess recipe for any night of the week.

Bean & Corn Rice / Rajma Aur Corn Pulao

This is a quick, tasty and cheap dinner are perfect for those nights when you're wondering what to put on the table.This hearty side dish not only is high in fiber but also has that magical mix of protein and carbohydrates to keep your energy levels stable

Simple Tomato Rice / Tamatar Pulao

Tomatoes sauteed with spices and then added to rice makes a delicious southern rice delicacy know as Tomato rice.This delicious yet simple to prepare dish is full of wonderful flavors. Tomatoes can be pureed or chopped while adding . It can be eaten as it is or with some yogurt, or on the side of any Indian style vegetable curry dish.

Chickpeas & Tomato Rice / Channa Aur Tamatar Ka Pulao

Pulao is my all time favorite dish, it is easy to make in many variations.This recipe is great to make woth leftover chiockpeas or canned chickpeas.It can be served as side dish or with any curry of your choice or wrap in a tortilla.

Thai Fried Rice

One of my dear friend made these yummy thai fried rice for potluck.Please adjust the spice level as per your taste as these are on little spicy side , exactly the way i love :). These tastes extra yummy when you add baby corn,fried cashew, raisin and pineapples.

Simple Fried Rice

This is the best way to use leftover rice. Fried rice are great for lunchbox or for quick meals. Serve it with chilled raita.

Red Kidney Beans & Corn Salad With Rice

This is a great salad recipe , have the salad as it is if you don't want to mix it with rice or you can put big scoop of salad over the rice..enjoy anyway you want

Carrot Fried Rice / Gajar Wala Pulao

Here is my version of Carrot Fried rice..These rice are not only appealing to eyes because of beautiful orange color of carrots but also to the stomach..It has the perfect balance of salt & sweetness..

Lemon Flavored Rice/ Nimbu Wale Chawal

Lemon Rice is a famous South Indian dish also called Nimmakaya Pulihora in Telugu , Nimbehannu Chitranna in Kannada, Yelumiccha Pazha Sadham in Tamil .It is very light & refreshing in taste. It is best to make when you have some leftover rice or if you are in a hurry and don't have enough time to make the entire meal This zesty lemon rice can also be served as a perfect side dish for your lunch/dinner.

Healthy Spinach Carrot Pulao / Palak Gajar Pulav

Spinach offers twice as much fiber as other greens. It is a good source of iron & loaded with vitamins and minerals, some of which are hard to find in other foods. I love making rice pulao with different combination of veggies..Here is the recipe of one of my favorite veggie combination in pulao.

Simple Leftover Rice Pulao

Easy and delicious..You can make this even if you don't have any veggies on hand.Makes a great lunchbox dish too.


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