Vegan Mug Brownie /Eggless Single Serving Microwave Dessert

If you need something quick & easy that didn't require the oven on this hot summer then try this simple recipe which makes a delicious brownie for one in 50 seconds. Careful not to overcook.

Vegan Mug Brownie /Eggless Single Serving Microwave Dessert

Preperation Time:- 2 Minutes
Cooking Time:- 50 seconds
Serving:- 1
Recipe Source:- Preety's Kitchen


All Purpose Flour:- 2 Tbsp
Whole Wheat Flour:- 2 Tbsp
Cocoa Powder:- 1 Tbsp
Salt:- 1/4 Tsp
Sugar:- 2 Tbsp
Vanilla essence:- 1/2 Tsp
Oil:- 2 Tbsp
Water:- 2 Tbsp
Chocolate chips (optional)


1)Spray a coffee cup or ramekin with vegetable cooking spray.

2)In the cup combine all the dry ingredients (flours,cocoa,salt & Sugar) until no lumps remain.

3)Stir in the vanilla, oil and water until smooth. Sprinkle chocolate chips on top (if using).

4)Bake in the microwave for 50 seconds.

Serve with chocolate sauce…a sprinkle of powdered sugar…whipped cream or eat plain as it is.





Hamaree Rasoi said...

Delicious and simply mouthwatering brownie. No egg means less calorie as well.

Beena said...

Yummy tempting brownies

Eat n Eat little More said...

Looks so very tempting!.. :) Wow..

Jayanthy Kumaran said...

wow...nice presentation
looks perfect n yumm
Tasty Appetite

Chowder Singh said...

Looks yum! Nicely presented too.

Anonymous said...

#Preety: I would like to make the Mug brownie in an oven.Please suggest appropriate temperature and time.

Jenn @ Once Upon a Tier said...

I just made this and let me just say: I have made many, MANY mug cake/brownie/cookie recipes and this is by far my favorite!! Wow!

Priya Srinivasan - I Camp in My Kitchen said...

Looks scrumptious!!!! Love that last click, definitely bookmarked!!! :)

maya said...

Hi! I just made this. It came out pretty good. I added some substitutions and it still came out well. Thanks for the recipe :)

sk said...

No baking soda/powder? Like in the vanilla recipe..does it rise?

Preety said...

Yes it will rise sk..

Anonymous said...

Way too salty and did not rise. Too bad as the picture looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

All it tastes like was salt

Preety said...

Mine always turns out great ... try using less salt if that is too much as per your taste

Wendy said...

I make this all the time!!! Not but it has become a staple when I want a tasty treat!!! This is an AWESOME recipe!! Thanks so much πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

Anonymous said...

Followed recipe exactly. Ended up being a clump equivalent to cookie dough,had to cook for 3 minutes because it was still soggy and it didn't rise at all. Consistency was dense at the end when it finally did cook through, but threw it out because it didn't taste great and the texture was horrible to eat.

Unknown said...

Just made this and used a 3 tbsp almond flour + 1 tbsp tapioca flour as the flours... coconut sugar + coconut oil. Also did half cocoa and half raw cacao powder for added micronutrients! Turned out amazing !!!

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