How To Make Papad / Indian Cracker Without Deep Frying

Papad also called Papadam or Appadam or is a thin, crisp disc-shaped crackers. These are easily available in any Indian grocery stores in various flavors. It can be eaten on its own, like a snack, or served with meals. These can also be served as an appetizer topped with chutney or salsa.

Papad / Indian crackers are usually deep fried before serving but i am going to share much healthier way to make papad that requires no deep frying and they will be ready in less than 30 seconds so that you can serve crisp warm papadums alongside dinner at home.


Microwave safe plate


1)Take a microwave safe plate , invert it and put one papad over the tray.

2)Microwave it for 30 seconds. Repeat the process for other papads.

3)Remove the plate , be careful IT WILL BE VERY HOT..and serve

Voila your OIL FREE Papads are ready to serve..


You can also try making 2-3 papads at a time. To do so just stack them and microwave (time may vary depending upon the powder of your microwave).

Watch them very carefully as they tend to burn very quickly if overcooked.

If you still like the taste of deep fried papad , then you can try spraying the both sides of papad with Pam(Oil spary) before microwaving.

You can also toast them over an open gas flame if you like burned spots or grilled taste :)



Torviewtoronto said...

I like using the microwave for papadums it is not greasy and easy to make

Divya Shivaraman said...

we do the same preety....only when guests are here am frying it...yesterday also we had this the same way...30 sec just makes majic

Chitz said...

Great way na.. We too do the same way here.. I sometimes even grill it !!

divya said...

yummy n healthy...

colourbrush said...

god bless you!

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