Celeberating Lady 8 Home anniversary With My Mom's Favourite Dishes

I am writing this post for Minnie's Anniversary event. I found her site recently while searching through google for a recipe and found this 2 Minutes eggless cupcakes and i loved it.

I love the fact that this recipe doesn't use any eggs but still makes a perfectly fluffy, easy and really yummy single serving chocolate cupcake.

She has an amazing collection of recipes, great reviews, tips and many more things to explore. I do encourage everyone to check out her lovely site. I guarantee you won't be disappointed and you will surely love your stay there.

She announced this wonderful event on Mother's day on turning one( CONGRATULATION MINNIE) , so I decided to dedicate my post for MY most special Lady 8 , MY MOM.

I would like to start by mentioning this most famous saying..

GOD Could Not be Everywhere So He Created MOTHER

So true, I have a great MOM and i love her MORE and MORE everyday. She taught me everything from making simple chapati to making most difficult meals. She taught me, not only how to love to eat but also how to love to cook. My passion for food and cooking started when i was very young and all the credit goes to my MOM and i am so glad that today through my blog i can share my passion and great recipes that i learned along the way and still learning.

Mom's always surprise us , don't they? We have all the technology available today but then also we call them back in India to ask all the silly question and i bet Google doesn't have all the answers but MOM'S DO :). I am sharing few of my favorite MOM'S Dishes that reminds me of my BACHPAN/Childhood.

My mom makes best Poori Chole ever, this use to be ours typical weekend breakfast. Still Love it..

She taught me how to make easiest and most delicious Paneer Currywhoever eats it always ask for the recipe.:)

And last but not the least ,Besan Ki Barfi, yummmmmm, i don't know how she makes it but its totally addicting..

I am also a mother of two wonderful kids now and the most important thing that i realized after becoming mom is, Your kids completes you and if anybody asks me what's the most wonderful thing of being a MOM , my answer will always be NOW I KNOW THE REASON WHY I WAS BORN

I would like to end my post with this beautiful saying and my this years mothers day gift from my 5 year old daughter.:)


Asiya Omar said...

Nice post,delicious recipes.

thelady8home said...

Ohhh drrrrroooool!! I love the post, I love the way you have lined up the feast, and it's a perfect post too!! Thank you for linking up :)

Divya Shivaraman said...

lovely recipes dear

Chitz said...

A lovely post & lovely dedication to ur mom & to u from u kid :) Cute !!

thelady8home said...

Congratulations Preety for this beautiful entry!!! And thank you so much for participating and making this event special :)

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