Til Khoye Ke Ladoo/ Sesame Ladoo

Ladoo/Ladu is a sweet that is made during festivals like Diwali or Holi in India. Ladoos can be made with different ingredients like Sooji Khoya Ladoo, Sooji/Rawa/Semolina Ladoo,Coconut Ladoo,Besan ke ladoo

This recipe uses til or sesame seeds and khoya and makes about 14 small size ladoos.You can store these in the refrigerator for upto 2-3 weeks.

Source:- Chezshuchi


    Makes 14 Ladoos

  • White Sesame seeds/ Til:- 1 Cup
  • Khoya:- 1 Cup
  • Almonds(powdered):- 4 Tbsp
  • Sugar:- 1/2 Cup
  • Green Cardamom Powder:- 1 Tsp


1)Roast the sesame seeds/til until light brown in color and set aside to cool down.

2)Grind the sesame seeds in the grinder into a fine powder.

3)Now fry khoya for couple of minutes and set side.

4)In a bowl put together grounded sesame seeds, powdered almonds and khoya, mix them well.

5)Now add sugar and cardamom powder to the above mixture and mix thoroughly.

Its time to make ladoos, to make ladoos take little bit of mixture in your hand and shape it into small round ball , if you are having difficulty in making ladoos you can add little bit of melted ghee/clarified butter in the mixture to make the ladoos.



Chelsea Marrs said...

Love your blog! These ladoo's look absolutely delicious.

Please follow back if you can :)


divya said...

look absolutely tempting !! Gorgeous

Priya said...

Khoya and sesame seeds, sounds fabulous, this laddoos will definitely satisfy my sweet tooth.

Hari Chandana said...

Interesting and delicious combination.. looks awesome :)

Nisha said...

Sounds so yummy. Unique combo never heard of it

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