How To Make All Purpose Basic Indian Gravy In Bulk & Freeze For Quick Meals/ Vegan Recipe

Do you know when you go to any Indian restaurant, how your ordered curry comes in front of you in less than 15 minutes? Because they make all the different kinds of basic gravies ahead of time and freeze for later. So why not do the same with homemade curries..?

As most of the Indian dishes have common ingredients, so preparing and storing when you have some spare time is a great idea or when ingredients are on sale or if you have lot of coming in from your vegetable garden( Like mine:) .So when you're ready all you do is add your favorite veggie to the gravy and cook through .The gravy can be used to make a variety of dishes such as Kofta curry, Corn curry, Baby potato Curry, Tofu Curry, Navratan Korma, Tofu Bhurji etc.

How To Make All Purpose Basic Indian Gravy In Bulk & Freeze For Quick Meals

Preparation Time:- 30 Minutes
Cooking Time:- 30-40 Minutes
Makes:- Gravy for 5-6 Curries approx
Recipe Source:- Preety's Kitchen


Oil:- 1/3 Cup
Cumin seeds:- 1 Tbsp
Garlic:- 1 full head of garlic, chopped
Ginger:- 1/3 Cup,chopped
Onion:- 3-4 medium size, chopped
Tomato:- 10-15,medium, chopped
Turmeric Powder:- 1 Tbsp
Red Chilli Powder:- 1 Tbsp
Garam Masala Powder:- 1 Tbsp


1) Heat the oil on a medium heat, when hot add cumin seeds, as soon as they start to crackle add ginger and garlic and cook until light brown for 1-2 minutes.

2) Add onion and cook until they are translucent.

3) Add tomatoes and all the spices ( salt, turmeric, red chilli powder & garam masala powder), Cook until tomatoes are tender.

4) Switch of the gas, let the tomato mixtures cool down and then blend it until smooth in a blender. Label the bags and fill the gravy ( as much you need for one recipe individually) in the freezer safe zip lock bags.

5)Put all the bags in one big gallon size freezer safe bag to avoid any leakage and pop them into the freezer.




1) When ready to use just take out one small ziplock and put the frozen gravy directly in a pan and heat it on medium-low heat. As soon as it melted you can add anything of your chioce like mix of precut frozen veggeis, or cut tofu or potatoes and peas etc.Let it come to a boil and do the taste test , adjust the seasonings if you want ( you can add any other seasonings if to like fenugreek/kasoori methi powder, coriander powder, cumin powder etc depending on what recipe you are making) and then switch off the gas. Sprinkle some cilantro leaves over the top and serve hot.

2) If you want to make the gravy rich then soak some cashews in warm water for 15 minutes , blend it to make a smooth cream and add along with the veggies . Or alternatively you can add some soy yogurt too.

3)You can also make this gravy with thinly sliced onions and tomatoes (instead of grinding them into pastes).

4) If you like spicy gravy then add green chillies along with onions and then follow the same procedure as specified above.


Priya Suresh said...

Seriously am loving ur tips and interesting posts like this..keep on posting Preety.

seemu said...

gud idea.....thanx

Beena.stephy said...

Good post

Nivedita Thadani said...

I agree with Priya,
your tips are really helpful

Anonymous said...

for how long can these be stored for usage?

Poornima Porchelvan said...

Very useful tips and i am happy to follow your blog; do visit mine when you have time.

Poornima Porchelvan said...

Very useful tips and i am happy to follow your blog; do visit mine when you have time.

kitchen queen said...

informative post.

Supriya Nair said...

Very helpful post Preety. Thanks for sharing this one :)

Unknown said...

How long could you store these ziplock for ?

Preety said...

I tried story for 2 -3 weeks for myself but I m pretty sure it can last more than that

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