How To Revive Crystallized Honey

Believe It or Not , honey is the only non perishable food substance, so don't get rid off the stuff if it crystallizes or become cloudy

All honey hardens and crystallizes over time, but there is no need to throw it away. Here is a simple and quick way to bring honey back to its translucent , liquid state.

Place an opened jar of honey in a pan filled with about an inch of water and place over very low heat, stirring the honey often, until the crystals melt.Once cooled use the honey or put the lid back on for storage (Make sure that the container doesn't have any metal parts, and loosen or remove the top to allow steam to escape)


Alternatively , heat the opened jar in the microwave on high powder in 10 second increments, stirring in between, until it has liquified.

The flavor and color of honey is determined by the type of blossom from which the nectar is collected. Generally, the darker the color, the stronger the flavor.

Store honey in an airtight container in a dark dry place at room temperature. When stored at too cold temperature, honey may crystallizes.

To prevent the honey from sticking to a measuring cup or spoon:- Coat the utensil with cooking spray or dip it in a oil before measuring. Likewise to avoid sticky lids on honey jars, wipe the lid and rim of the jar clean with a hot, damp cloth.Then, spray some cooking spray on both the lid threads and the jar rim.




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