Fun In The Sun - Gourmet Kitchen Of India Style Weekend Party For Loved Ones

Parties add essence to our lives. They are a fun way to celebrate life. Getting together with a family & friends can be so fun , they also provide us with opportunities to build new friendships and strengthen existing relationships.Family get together are the best time to meet those distant relatives and share your old memories. Family parties are the time for catch up and show your love for your family.

Because our busy lives rob us of valuable time, the planning of a party can be quite daunting. Organizing a party doesn’t have to be complicated ,A little help with the planning of a party can be very valuable. All it takes to make it a success is a little pre-planning, a carefully selected menu and warm hospitality.

Here are some simple steps to help get your party planning organized..

Your Party Planning should begin with these basics ( WHO , WHAT , WHEN , WHERE )., then make a list of everything you need to buy, make or do for the party & list of everyone you are inviting.

WHO :- Who is invited?

WHAT:- What is the celebration about?

WHEN:- It is best to have a family party on holiday or weekend.

WHERE:- Is the party at your house , park, restaurant ..Give the directions too.

Keep your party simple with a variety of appetizers or small plates that allow your guests to eat throughout the party. Small plates stimulate conversation, are easy to manage and won’t send your guests home feeling overstuffed.

Essential Party Tips

Menu Planning

Plan your menu so that you can prep a few dishes in advance.

Guest Count

The number of guests will determine the number of different appetizers to serve, so plan accordingly.

Easy Clean-up

If you’re only serving finger food, break out the paper and plastic and skip the tedious clean up. Serve beverages in glassware, but use pretty plastic or paper plates for the appetizers. Don’t forget to recycle!

Keep it Hot

Use a crock-pot to keep food throughout the party.


So if I have to to plan a weekend party it will definitely be Indian Style Gourmet Party for my near & dear ones . As I am going to invite only my family and close friends , i would love to do in my backyard on a sunny day..

Food will be vegetarian only.

Here is my inspiration for decoration

Dress To Dance Please

A Henna Artist Will Be there To Pamper Ladies..:)

Some fun kids & adults games

And with Kitchens of India's amazing collection currys & chutneys,I never have to worry about food. Kitchens of India brings to you a wide range of Ready to Eat dishes and desserts, giving you a gourmet meal in the comfort of your home - just Heat and Eat ! Each of these recipes have been crafted by the Masterchefs of ITC hotels, from royal recipes guarded closely over the ages. You can also choose from exotic chutneys and conserves to add the perfect twist to any meal.


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