Achari Dum Paneer / Indian Cottage Cheese With Yogurt & Pickle Spices

Achari Dum Paneer curry is a pickle-flavored recipe made from a range of condiments & is further enhanced by adding bits of paneer.Achari Dum Paneer is can be served with tandoori rotis and chapatis.


Paneer / Indian Cottage Cheese:- 250 gm

Oil:- 2-3 Tbsp
Garlic:- 1 Tbsp (chopped very finely)
Ginger:- 1 Tbsp (chopped very finely)
Onion:- 1 medium size (blanched and pureed)
Tomato :- 1 medium size (blanched and pureed)
Sugar:- 1 Tsp
Turmeric powder:- 1/2 Tsp
Curd/ Yogurt :- 1/4 Cup
Milk or Water:- 1 Cup

Dry roast and grind together

Fennel seeds:- 1/2 Tsp each
Fenugreek seeds:- 1/2 Tsp each
Coriander seeds:- 1/2 Tsp each
Nigella seeds:- 1/2 Tsp each
Cumin seeds:- 1/2 Tsp each
Mustard seeds:- 1/2 Tsp each

NOTE:- For quick blanching you can just put the onion and tomato (separately) in microwave and microwave for 1 -2 minutes.


1) Heat oil in a pan , when hot add garlic stir fry for 30 seconds , add ginger stir fry again for 1 minute on low heat.

2) Add onion puree and cook until light brown ( for about 4-5 minutes)

3) Add tomato puree , salt,sugar, turmeric and 2 Tsp of ground masala. Mix everything well and cook for another 5 minutes.

4) Add yogurt , mix and cook for couple of minutes.

5) Add milk or water and paneer ,allow it to heat through. Season and serve.



Sangeetha Nambi said...

Yummy !

Niru said...

I jus had dinner but this is making me hungry again..awesome...

Rani's gourmet said...

wow.delicious curry:)

Aruna Manikandan said...

looks delicious :)

Priya Anandakumar said...

Very yummy and awesome

Hari Chandana said...

looks super delicious and tempting.. lovely texture!!

Divya Shivaraman said...

gravy looks wonderful preethy

divya said...

looks sooo yummy.

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