Matar Paneer/ Indian Cottage Cheese & Peas Curry (Pressure Cooker Recipe)

Making anything in pressure cooker is super easy & super fast. It is real time saver when you are short on time want to make something quick. I learned this version of matar paneer from my mom when she visited me last year. Moms are great and its really surprising no matter how much time you spend with them but they always have something new to teach you.


Oil:- 2-3 Tbsp
Cumin seeds:- 1/2 Tsp
Mustard seeds:- 1/2 Tsp
Onion:- 1 (small, chopped)
Ginger:- 1 Tbsp (chopped)
Garlic:- 1 Tbsp (chopped)
Tomato:- 1 (big, chopped)
Peas/Matar:- 1 Cup
Paneer/Indian Cottage Cheese:- 1 Cup (cut into small pieces)
Water as needed

Salt as per taste
Turmeric:- 1 Tsp
Red Chilli Powder:- 1 Tsp
Garam Masala:- 1 Tsp
Kasoori Methi Powder:- 1 Tsp


1) Heat oil in a pressure cooker, add cumin & mustard seeds , let it splutter.
2) Add ginger and garlic , fry till light brown.
3) Add onion & fry until light brown
4) Add tomatoes and all the spices( except kasoori methi powder) , mix everything well, cook until tomatoes are tender.
5) Add the paneer and peas and cook everything for 2-3 minutes.
6) Add water and close the pressure cooker , cook on high for about 4-5 minutes ( i usually switch off the gas just before it starts to whistle).
7) Let it sit for 2-3 minutes.

Serve hot with Rotis/chapatis..

Enjoy:) Sending it to the ONLY LEGUMES EVENT hosted by NALINIS KITCHEN.


divya said...

this looks really yummilicious...

Priya Suresh said...

The colour of the dish itself is very pleasing and attractive,delicioUs dish.

Swathi Iyer said...

Matar paneer looks delicious.

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

I got to agree on the versatile use of pressure cooker but mostly its for meaty, those tough ones. Here I see an amazing dish with the same utensil and this is so good, so yummy and so inviting.

Nalini's Kitchen said...

nice and tempting one..pls. send me the images for round up for only legumes event.I had some technical problem with linky tool.Send it to

Anonymous said...

What about kasooti Methi Powder....when is it to add

Preety said...

Methi powder goes after the 6th step ... sorry missed it above

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