How To Make Popcorn In Microwave With No Bag & No Oil

Yes , Believe it or not, you can make delicious, low-fat microwave popcorn using standard popping corn and a microwave safe bowl & plate. It does works perfectly. Best part is no oil needed so they are more healthier and no brown bag needed so more economical.

For my daughter , i spray them lightly with vegetable spray after they are done and sprinkle some salt over it

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Unpopped Popcorn= 1/4 Cup
Microwave Safe Bowl
Microwave Safe Plate


1) Put 1/4 cup popcorn in microwave-safe bowl & cover with microwave-safe plate.

2)Cook in microwave oven for 2 minutes, 45 seconds

3) Voila, they are done, Please be very cautious while removing them from microwave as they will be VERY HOT The steam’s just there making sure your popcorn popped to its full potential. Just remove the plate immediately after the timer ends so your popcorn doesn’t take a steam bath and get soggy.

Notes:- Also, you can re-microwave any unpopped kernels! Yeah, that’s right. Remove all of the popped (or semi-popped) kernels and put the unpopped ones back in again, same method. No waste and nothing to throw away!



Ms.Chitchat said...

Very tempting, even I prepare the same way, actually very light and at the same time filling too. Lovely clicks.

Sri Love said...

Used to do the same way...and add the caramel in the end :)

Pass me some dear ;£

divya said...

awesome and drooling ....

Priya Suresh said...

Even i do the same way too,love to munch anytime.

Anonymous said...

can i use tin pack sweet corn?

Preety said...

can i use tin pack sweet corn?

I think you are referring to canned corns..You can make these with dried corns only not the canned ones.Dried corns are easily available in any stores(walmart,safeway,tarderjoes etc)..

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