Fresh Red Chutney with Almonds (Lal Chutney)

This is the chutney that is traditionally served with "Hamburger" Kebabs. You can serve it with any meals. Instead of fresh, hot red chilies, a combination of red bell pepper and cayenne pepper is used here.You may use the former, if you wish. It will be much hotter. Also, walnuts may be used instead of the almonds. Both would be traditional and authentic.

This chutney may be kept in the refrigerator ( well covered) for a few days.

Source:- Madhur Jaffrey's Quick and Easy Indian Cooking

Large Red Bell Pepper:- 1/2 (seeded and coarsely chopped)
Fresh Mint Leaves:- 20-30 ( coarsely chopped)
Fresh lemon juice:- 2 Tbsp
Garlic:- 1 clove( peeled and coarsely chopped)
Cayenne pepper:- 1/2 Tsp
Salt:- 1/2 Tsp
Freshly ground black pepper
Blanched , chopped or slivered almonds:- 1 Tbsp
Chopped dill (optional):- 1 Tsp


1)Into the container of an electric blender, put the red pepper, mint , lemon juice, garlic, cayenne, salt 7 black pepper in the order listed. Blend until smooth.

2)Add the almonds and blend again. A few bits of almonds can be left unpulverized.

3) Pour into a bowl and check for seasonings. You may now mix in the dill, if you wish.

Serves 8


Reshmi Mahesh said...

New chutney to me and looks very yummy...

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Chutney looks simply yummy!Thanks for posting this wonderful recipe.

Hamaree Rasoi

Aruna Manikandan said...

sounds new to me....
quite interesting ingredients tooo...
thx. for sharing :)

Rekha shoban said...

mouthwatering chutney!!

Vimitha Anand said...

This is a very new combination of flavors. Will try soon
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Aarthi said...

WOW..I love this..Thanks for posting it Dear..


Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

new one for me... lovely!

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