How To Buy,Store & Freeze Fresh Cilantro

Cilantro is an herb and is sometimes referred to as coriander.Cilantro and Coriander come from the same plant, but they are not the same thing — although the words are often used interchangeably. "Cilantro" refers to the herb — the green leafy bits. "Coriander"refers the spice — the roots and seeds, which are usually dried.

It makes a good complement to spicy foods. Cilantro is commonly used in Asian, Mexican and Indian cuisines.Although it is usually just the leaves of the fresh cilantro plant that are used, the stems and roots are edible as well.Cilantro is typically sold in bundles of fresh leaves and stems or grown in the garden.

How To Buy Cilantro:-

Cilantro is available year-round.Choose cilantro with bright,aromatic & evenly-colored green leaves, showing no sign of yellowing or wilting.If it has no aroma, it will have no flavor

How To Store:-

1) As soon as you arrive home with fresh cilantro, remove the cilantro from the produce bag.

2)Pick out any wilted leaves & remove any leaves at the bottom of the stems. (You do not want the leaves in the water.)

To Store In Refrigerator:-

1) Place the stems (with roots intact if attached) in a glass of water and cover the the top loosely with a plastic bag.Leave plenty of room for the leaves to breath but secure it tightly around the bottom of the glass with a rubber band and refrigerate.

2) When ready for use, simply pull out or snip off the desired amount and re-cover.

3)The water should be changed every 2 to 3 days and also pick out any wilted leaves when you do.

4)Do not wash the herb until you are ready to use it.This technique will keep your cilantro fresh for up to 2 weeks.

To Store The Freezer:-

1) Gently rinse the bunch in cool water and let air dry.. I even pat them with a towel sometimes. Get them dry as possible.

2) Snip the tips of the stems with a pair of scissors/kitchen shears Or pick the leaves if you don't like using the stem part in your food.

3)After the leaves are completely dry i put them in a airtight ziplock container or freezer bag. Label them with name & date & freeze.

4) When ready to use just break the amount you need, give it a rough chop and add to your dish..Do not thaw before using.


Place a small amount dry cilantro leaves in a single layer on a cookie sheet. When frozen, gather into a ziplock bag, returning to the freezer immediately. Use within 6 months.




Frozen cilantro is not great for garnishes, but it’s just fine for most recipes, including guacamole, soups, and any sauce that calls for fresh cilantro.

When freezing ,after picking the leaves, mix them with a small amount of olive oil... just enough to coat the leaves. Then pack into freezer bags and freeze for later use. The olive oil makes it really easy to separate the frozen leaves and also adds an extra flavor to the mix.

Frozen cilantro separates fairly easily and even in chunks chops easily on a cutting board.

You can also puree the leftover herbs(any) with just a little oil and freeze the puree in ice cube trays.

Cilantro can be frozen for upto 4-6 months.

Do not wash the cilantro until you are ready to use it, as it tends to go bad more quickly when moist.

Fresh cilantro leaves do not simmer well because heat diminishes their flavor quickly. The leaves should be removed from their stems and added to a dish just before serving. In fact, a very quick rough chop of the leaves will release the herb’s full strength of flavor; again, chop and use immediately.


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