Smart Ways To Use Old Newspaper In The Kitchen

Do you just place your old newspapers in your trash? there’s still plenty of ways to recycle or consume the news :).

Newspaper is a great kitchen helper , always keep in the kitchen as a quick fix or smart solution for many things. Read below to find out how you can use them wisely.

Smart Ways To Use Old Newspaper In The Kitchen

Easy Clean Up :- Lay folded newspaper on your counter or table before you cut up fruits or vegetables.

Ripen tomatoes:- Leave green tomatoes out for two days, wrapped in the sheets of newspaper. Use the same technique to ripen any other fruits or vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetable Drawer Liner:- A piece in the vegetable drawer will keep your produce dry and also catch messes from rotted produce & keep the drawer free from odors.

Fast Compost:- Add shredded newspaper to your kitchen compost to help with decomposition.

General cleaning:- Newsprint, sprinkled with white vinegar and water,can tackle many household jobs, from glass to floors.Newspaper absorbs just as well as the average paper towel.

Shucking corn:- Spread out newspaper to catch the silk.

Remove Tupperware odors:-Leave a balled up piece of newspaper inside overnight to absorb the odors.

Shelf Lining:- Use old newspapers to line your cabinet, drawers or pantry . They're cheap to use and easy to put in and remove & keeps your shelves mess free.

Under Fried Foods:-Newsprint absorbs grease very well, so use it under a paper towel to wick away oil from fried foods.

Emergency hot pads:- It works great as an emergency hot pad. Insulate hot or cold food with crumpled or layered newsprint.


Meena Kumar said...

Hey Preeti good one.I usually use to clean up spills or any crap for that matter ..shape up boots,absorb moisture from shoes etc but I try to avoid it on anything to do with food because the dye on the newspaper is harmful to health esp the one that gets stuck on fried food.

Elaine said...

Good morning,
Thanks for the tips- especially the fast compost !

Sayantani said...

very useful tips.

Preety said...

Hey Meena, liked your tip of using to shape the boots..

I know the ink part that's y i specified in the to use under the paper towel so that the food doesn't come in direct contact of food...:)

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Thanks a lot for showing us the multiple usage of newspapers.

Asiya Omar said...

Good Tips Preety.

Chitz said...

Liked them, esp the one to remove tupperware odour. That's a new one for me !

Anonymous said...

Our newspaper is printed with soy ink.

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