How To Make Your Own Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is nothing but combination of granulated sugar and molasses.Compared to white sugar, brown sugar has a sweeter and richer taste. It also has a moist and clumpy texture and brownish in color because of the presence of molasses.You can make the brown sugar as dark and flavorful as you like by adjusting the amount of molasses.

Making your own brown sugar not only saves you time but also saves you money as you don't need to run to a store just to buy brown sugar to bake some cookies or a cake. It is so simple that even kids can do it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find organic brown sugar and it’s pretty expensive too when you do actually find it. Just use organic sugar and molasses to make your own organic brown sugar.Super easy..

How To Make Brown Sugar


Granulated Sugar:- 1 Cup
Molasses:- 1 Tbsp


1) Place the sugar and molasses into the bowl of a food processor and mix until the molasses is completely incorporated into the sugar, approximately 1 minute.

2)Stop and scrape down the sides of the bowl.

3) Place in an airtight container and store for up to a month.

Or Alternatively you can do this just by hand in a bowl like i showed in the picture below.


For Dark Brown Sugar simply increase the molasses to 2 Tbsp

Avoid adding too much molasses, since this will change the moisture level of the mixture and could affect the cookies or cakes you're making with the brown sugar.

If you accidentally add too much molasses, make up for it by putting more white sugar in the bowl.




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are you suggesting there's a difference between white sugar and granulated sugar?

Preety said...

No i am not suggesting that there's a difference between white sugar and granulated sugar, i mentioned granulated not white above so no one get confused with powdered or granulated sugars(both are white)..:)

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