How To Cut Bell Pepper / Capsicum / Shimla Mirch ( With Pictures)

Bell Peppers are my all time favorite vegetable. There is no wrong or right way to cut peppers , i just find this way very easy and quick and it also make very consistent slices that can be used for stir frys or as a snack.

1) Wash the pepper

2) With a sharp knife, cut off the top of the pepper so that you remove the entire stem end.

3) Cut off the bottom.

(Save the cut ends for later use.)

4) The pepper will now be shaped like a cylinder.

5) With the tip of your knife, make one vertical slice to open the cylinder.

6) Remove all the seeds using your hand or with the knife.

7)Now you have a neat rectangle of bell pepper that you can cut any way you like (julienne or dice)


Hari Chandana said...

Nice post!

kitchen queen said...

lovely informative post and thanks for sharing.

Sahasra Recipes said...

Useful post.

Priya Suresh said...

Very useful post.

Divya Shivaraman said...

clean and clear...i did needed this because i always mess up when i cut them

Chitz said...

Thanks for this one.. I always end up cutting in new ways each time !!

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