How To Make Instant Bhatura Using Tortilla

Bhatura is a soft and fluffy deep fried Indian bread from the Punjab region of India and is often eaten with chick peas gravy chole or channa which makes a very classic Punjabi dish Chole Bhature.. Fluffy and crispy at the same time, they are generally a crowd pleaser.


Uncooked Tortilla
Oil to deep fry


The oil has to be smoking hot. Add the tortillas one at at a time, gently press to let them puff. Flip them over and cook on the other side till you get a golden brown color. You can see the tortilla puffing up!

Serve hot ..

Enjoy :)

Notes/ Tips:-

1) Leftover tortillas can be frozen.

2) If you can't find smaller size tortillas , then use the bowl or ookie cutter to cut circles before frying and leftover tortilla edges can be fried or baked to make tortilla chips.

3) Most of the supermarkets here in USA sell these uncooked flour and corn tortillas. They can be found near deli section on your supermarket in the refrigerated section.


Raheel Ashraf said...

I just love this recipe thanks for preparing it and shared it. I wish to prepared it at home.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey, very nice. Couple of question, are these bhaturas soft or crunchy and do they saty well if you fry these 3 hours before serving?

Preety said...

They were soft ... I usually do right before when I need it so didn't know whether it stay well after 3 hours

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