Cake Balls / Cake Pops

Cake balls or Cake pops are cute little lollipops made from a cake and frosting. All you need to do is bake a cake ( you can bake your own cake or use boxed cake mix to make a cake or use any store bought cake ), let it cool,make fine crumbs, stir in something to hold it all together, and roll it in balls. Super easy and super fun.They can be made into any color or flavor to suit your party. They are the perfect little bite-sized sweet treats for kids. These are great way to use your leftover cake too.


Box cake mix, any flavor:- 1
Frosting container , any flavor:- 1
Chocolate chips, melted

Toppings (chocolate of contrasting color for drizzle, chopped nuts, sprinkles, etc)


1) Bake cake according to box directions.
2) Remove cake from oven and while still warm, break up into chunks and place in a large bowl.
3) Crumble cake into crumbs.
4) Add the entire container of frosting to the crumbs and mix until completely combined.
5) Roll mixture into balls and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
6) Freeze for one hour.
7) Melt chocolate in the microwave, you can use little milk if it’s too thick.
8) Coat balls in melted chocolate and allow them to set.

If adding toppings or drizzle, do this right after dipping in chocolate, before it has a chance to set.



meena said...

Hey Preety ,cake pops looks absolutely delicious.I have been thinking of making them but I am in search of the bottom stick part.

Unknown said...

Nice kid will love it..

Amy said...

These are beautiful cake pops. My kids love them. I think they are so much fun to make and to eat. Thanks for sharing yours.

Unknown said...

These look so cute and delicious! :)

Beena said...

Awesome pop. good post

Kalyan said...

looks so delicious...mouthwatering!

Priya Anandakumar said...

The cake pops look simply delicious and lovely...

Divya Shivaraman said...

those cake pops drool a fan and i always have one when am to starbucks :)

Sunanda said...

Completely in love with this pops..

Sunandas Kitchen

Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) said...

This looks wonderful! Tempting & delicious!

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