Chickpeas & Tomato Pulao

Pulao is my all time favorite dish, it is easy to make in many variations. I found this recipe here. I took some leftover chickpeas and gave it a turned out very good.. I made some changes to add my personal touch..

It can be served as side dish or with any curry of your choice or wrap in a tortilla.

Ghee/Oil/Butter:- 1 tbsp
Jeera/Cumin Seeds:- 1/2 tsp
Mustard Seeds:- 1/2 tsp
Bay leaf:- 1
Black Cardomom:- 1
Cinnamon stick:- 1 inch
Garlic Cloves(Chopped):- 2
Salt & Pepper as per taste
Tomato(Chopped):- 2 medium
Chickpeas(Boiled):- 1 1/2 cup
Rice:- 1 Cup
Vegetable Stock/Water:- 2 cups
Lemon Juice of 1/2 lemon( or as per your taste)


1) Melt ghee in a pan, put bay leaf , cinnamon stick & black cardamom.
2) Add jeera, mustard and let it splutter.
3) Add garlic and fry until light brown.
4) Add tomatoes and cook over medium heat stirring in between.
5) Add chickpeas, salt & pepper to the tomato mixture and cook for 5-7 minutes.
6) Add stock/water & lemon juice to the tomato & chickpeas.
7) Bring it to the boil and add rice
8) Cover & reduce heat, cook for about 20 minutes.
9) Turn off the heat and let the rice sit undisturbed for 30 minutes.

NOTE:- This dish tastes best when it is made with fresh tomatoes..

Serve hot or at room temperature...Enjoy:)


Adlak's tiny world said...

hey i love any dish with chick peas. and yr pulao looks delicious......

u have nice space here.

Preety said...

Thanks Adlak for quick comment

Raaga said...

I made something very similar :-) I will try this variation too :-)

Happy new year!

Preety said...

hey raaga saw your version does sound very similar..thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Preety,its a yummy dish for can love too..With chickpeas and tomatoes its a complete meal..lovely.

sriharivatsan said...

First time to your blog..Nice recipies. Pulao with chickpeas..must be healthy one..Looking delicious.

Wish you a Happy New year.

Srikitchen said...

wow! looks too good!

Suganya said...

This is so good. Nice recipe, Sounds so healthy. Never tried this before.... Will try it soon... YUM!

Happy new year!!!....

Vibaas said...

Nice recipe Preety. Love anything with chickpeas and it sure is worth a try :)

Vibaas said...

Preety, regarding your question about Rava dosa. I can't think of a substitute for buttermilk. If you are allergic to dairy product, you can try skipping the buttermilk and use just water. If you are not able to make dosa with that batter, pls try adding some eno salt to it. That will make the batter fluffy like it was fermented.

Vibaas said...

Btw, i love the profile pic. It's so cute.

Preety said...

Thanks everyone for your valuable comments

Preety said...

@Vibaas that's my little princess in the profile pic she was 3 months old when i took her pic and now she is 14 months old..they grow so fast..

Vibaas said...

Preety, she looks like a doll. Absolutely adorable :)

Preety said...

thanks vibaas

ms said...

Hi preety,
thanks for a lovely entry for JFI Chickpea!! Your daughter looks really beautiful. Looking forward to seeing you at the round up,

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